Herpes Story – Michael

Around, I think, mid 2007 I noticed a cut, kind of like a paper cut, on the shaft of my penis. I think it also hurt a bit when I peed. It was a bit itchy and tender but it soon cleared up and I thought no more about it. Until that point I had […]

Dating the H* Bomb feedback


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ABC2 asks: Is an STI a deal-breaker for a potential partner, no matter what?


ABC2 Asks the Question: After how many dates should someone disclose they have an STI?

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‘Dating The H* Bomb’ airs on ABC2 Sunday 4 November


If using a condom is tricky to bring up when your date gets hot and heavy, try dropping the ‘H*Bomb’ – admitting you have genital herpes. In Dating The H*Bomb, Heidi, Hector and Michael candidly share intimate stories about life with the incurable and taboo herpes virus, from the shock of diagnosis to the search for true love. […]

As Seen on TV


I have been fortunate enough to be invited to talk on TV several times about what it is like to have herpes. To read more about my television experiences you can click on the links below: Channel 7 – The Morning Show Channel 10 – David and Kim   You may also find this article […]

Hot with H documentary update: Dating The H* Bomb


To those who have helped us, Thank you for your generosity in sharing your story and experiences with us. This research was invaluable in helping us shape the documentary and to understand the impact the virus has. We could not have progressed so far without the inspirational stories that every person has shared. In consultation with […]

Hot with H – Documentary

An insider’s guide to viral love and sex We’re researching a documentary for national TV & the web looking at dating, loving and lusting with genital herpes. We’d like to speak with men and women, young and old, gay and straight, in love or on the prowl and those who are celibate too. We want to hear […]

Live & Love – Let’s Talk About Herpes

Spread the message, not the virus Live & Love Short Film Competition to destigmatise HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) Budding film makers are being challenged to shoot cinematic flicks designed to destigmatise HSV – the Herpes Simplex Virus commonly associated with cold sores and genital herpes – as part of the inaugural Live & Love Short Film Competition. The […]

Herpes – A Perspective

Until you get Herpes as an STD, you really have no idea how it can affect your life. I’m a 52 year old male, Australian, living in Sydney. I’ve had Herpes for approximately 10 years. From my point of view, everyone’s initial reaction to the news of contracting the virus is different; angry, cheated, bitter, […]